Labels (large Quantity)

Today, labels come in all types, shapes and sizes—and we’ve got them all. From mailing labels to price tags, we can help you produce almost any label imaginable. Stop in today and take a look at your options.

We generally use the term “label” to describe adhesive products printed on papers or foils with inks not suitable for outdoors. “Address labels”, “shipping labels”, “lapel labels”, “foil seals”, etc., these tend to be supplied on a custom sticker roll or sheet for use (indoors) on packaging, paperwork, clothing, products, etc.

Labels can be produced on a wide variety of materials and are normally smaller in size. Label material can be paper, fabric, plastic, or foils; as long as it describes or gives more info about the item it is adhering to. Also most labels are printed with inks that are generally not for outdoor use, strictly indoor only.

Common examples of labels are: Address Labels, Shipping Labels, Price points, Lapel Labels, Nutrition Fact Labels, Name Tags, etc.

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