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Dog Zone

"Fetch" State "Ball"
Dog Zone (with dog silhouette)
Football. "Team Woofer" Football

Boston Terriers with football for hooks


Fetch. Sniff. Woof. play

Dog Bones for hooks


finger print. paw print. dog nose print
"Love is booping the snoot"

Show your pup some love with a custom leash sign!

Each sign is $22, with $5 going to a local animal shelter, The Devoted Barn.

Each sign is approximately 14”Wx 8.5”H. and made out of 6mm sintra, which is a light pvc material.

Buy as is or get creative and customize with any colors, text, and photos.
Customization ideas:
Number of hooks
dog names
dog paw print
dog nose print
favorite sports
favorite team colors
dog specific breeds

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